Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What's in a Blog?

So, a blog huh?

It's kind of an odd concept to me when I really think about it. Now don't get me wrong, I mean there is nothing really wrong or strange about a blog itself. What I should have said was the act of writing a blog itself odd. The things running through my head as I attempt to type something even remotely entertaining seem actually quite discouraging when I really stop to think about it. Are people gonna care what I am talking about? Does my post actually make sense? Is there possibly any more room for me to stuff a few more grammatical errors in before I hit that bright orange "publish" button at the bottom, signaling my triumph over this writing assignment? (Perhaps assignment is the wrong word, this blog was not assigned but is actually my own idea)

... I dunno guys. I guess looking at the number of view, or followers is a bad way to determine if this is worth my time (I mean this blog has only been live for what, 5 minutes?). I suppose I will settle for dedicating this space to my ramblings and watching the pretty words appear on the screen as I type them.

Buuuuut I digress
Maybe something will come of this blog and some people will actually read it. Maybe not... It's whatever, and either way its a good way to clear my thoughts.

Perhaps my next post will be more then me rambling WHO KNOWS


  1. post whats on ur mind or any hobbies of yours to get you started.

    alot of people make their blogs 1 big info thread

  2. Well keep workin on it! Off to a good start.


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