Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Sad Story

So I was driving home from class tonight. It all seemed pretty normal to me, and i defiantly wasn't expecting what was about to happen. There I am just listening to my tunes when all of the sudden, out of the corner of my eye, I see a gray blur shoot out into the road. I Didn't have any time to react, I immediately swerved to the right and off of a 3543654...136541354135 story bridge. On the way down i could see the cat had fallen too. I knew what i had to do.... I opened the car door and braced my feet against the console inside, and pushed myself forward with all the strength i could muster. My body reacted immediately and launched towards the helpless feline with unimaginable speed(i have pretty strong legs) just managing to take it into my grasp. Now then there was the little problem with me rapidly plummeting towards the ground that still had to be dealt with. My mind quickly began to consider every option, each idea being discarded in turn. Finally i left with a single idea that, while unlikely, just might work... but it would be risky (not any riskier then falling to my doom i might add). I bid my time as i waited for my opportunity to put my plan into motion. As i looked down I could see the ground hurdling towards me, it was now or never. I took my free arm and stretched it behind me as far as i could while at the same time curling my fingers tightly into a fist. "here goes" i muttered to myself. a split second before colliding with the ground I punched my forth and struck the ground with the white hot intensity of a thousand exploding suns. the force was enough to destroy a mountain and a gargantuan crater was left in the spot where my fist had struck.... but it had worked. " WE MADE IT " I cried to the kitty still in my arms but what i saw caused my heart to break and tears to flood forth. timmy the cat (I felt he should have a name) had moved on from this world. I don't know if he was killed from the car or caught in the crossfire during my skirmish with the ground, but I do know is that it was all my fault :((


  1. Awww kitty! You tried so hard! what a valiant effort good sir. My heartfelt regrets to Timmy's closest of kin.

  2. It wasn't all your fault, you did all that you could do mang

  3. I'm more of a dog person anyways.


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